Where the love story begins.

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Disclaimer: This makes him sound like a slutty bad guy who sweet talks girls. That is not him. AT ALL. 

My college career so far has been crazy. My life has changed; for better and for worse. I have experienced every stereotypical college experience and it has really impacted who I have become. Coming into college I was what I like to call it, a half virgin. I coined this phrase because the first time I had ever had sex it literally lasted about 3 seconds because we had no idea what we were doing. This all changed my sophomore year. I met the most amazing guy ever at a party through a friend of mine. I was 19 and he was 21. My friend was dating his friend and she knew he could get us into the bars, so we met them at a party just down the road. Her boy walked out and he followed him.  I had never believed in love at first sight until this moment. He walked out and I knew right away I wanted to date the shit out of this boy.  He was wearing a plaid button down and jeans and looked amazing. We get to the bars he tells me to link arms with him and walks right passed the bouncer like nothing was wrong, while I was freaking out. He buys me a beer, and disappears. I was so confused. Later that night when I go to leave, there he is, outside smoking a cigarette. He walked me to my car and started giving me some bullshit one-liners. He was the cheesiest man I had ever met. He got my number, turned, looked at me and smiled, I wanted to kiss him so bad, but I didn’t.


For our privacy I blacked out our faces.

The next day he texted me, and it all took off from there. Over the next few weeks he took me on a few dates, and everything was great. I was still having problems with other guys, and I knew he was still hooking up with other girls; my friend was there to witness it. She said she was basically have a “screaming competition” with one of them (please view text message below). It wasn’t until about a month of talking that everything changed. He didn’t so much pressure me, but just kept saying that he thought it would “bring us closer together.” To me this was such an overused excuse and I was dumbfounded that he thought I would believe him. But something about him made me trust him. That was the night it happened. It hurt more than I could ever express. Like I said earlier, the first time for me hardly counted. The next few days we barely spoke, I was embarrassed, and mad at myself for sleeping with someone who wasn’t my boyfriend, and he wanted to be my boyfriend. He had asked me out a few times before, but I turned him down. I wasn’t ready to commit. Mostly because I knew he had been sleeping with other girls. I confronted him about it and he said he would stop if we became official; because I act like we are in a relationship but won’t commit (please view text message below). Finally he gave me an ultimatum, either I am his girlfriend or we are nothing. I said yes. It was at that moment that my world changed.


This was the reply I recieved when confronting him about the other girls.

This is when I knew he actually had real feelings for me.


BLOG? why not.



I am starting this blog simply because I hope someone, someday. We all get to that moment in our lives where we take that leap and try something new, so here it is. 

In this blog, I will give some insight on the real life college experiences. I will share stories and struggles of my everyday life, hoping it will show that you are not alone.

I am a 21 year old college student struggling to make ends meet. I will admit, a large portion of my income gets spent on booze, because, well, it helps me let loose. I am an extremely shy person, and when I drink, I open up. So that’s why I enjoy it so much. I work 3 jobs, go to school full time, I feel like I deserve it sometimes.

I currently have approximately $22 to my name, and plan on spending that $22 this weekend at the bar. Should I save it? Probably. But…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY BITCHES.

If you want to learn my story, stay tuned my friends. It’s about to get real up in this blog.